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April 15, 2014

beauty fix: The Spring Red Lip

If I can count on anything, it's a red lip. A red lip automatically brings life to your face and what's more awesome is that makeup brands are coming up with more shades of the color than ever. There is a shade out there for everyone, if that isn't a beauty convenience, I don't know what else is. There is no reason you shouldn't own a red lipstick, gloss or pencil.

Though the red lip can never get old, it doesn't hurt to update it a tad bit. This runway beauty look for India fashion week had me head over heels from the start. The beautiful yet somehow subtle mix of orange, red and magenta is captivating on a bare face.

  For this look, you'll need: 

This will look different on everyone, so it's important to blend the colors to your liking using more or less of each color.
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The Mcgraw-Hill Smartbook - Sponsored Post

On average most students spend (or should) 3-9 hours studying per week. Although it's necessary, it can get tiring sometimes, right? Now, what if I told you that there was a tool that can save you hours studying in the library? If you're wondering what I'm speaking of, the Mcgraw-Hill SmartBook is that tool. It is the first and only adaptive learning program that personalizes your reading experience by highlighting the most significant ideas you need to learn at that very moment. As you continue to engage with the SmartBook, it adjusts based on what you know and don't know. SmartBook’s interactive technology also allows you to quiz yourself on the material and automatically highlights the concepts that you need to review. 

As I peruse my planner, it's evident that exams are around the corner therefore the SmartBook has made it's way into existence just in time. Need to up your game? A few smart tweaks to your pick-up strategy will have you chatting 'em up like a pro. When you’re too smart for an e-book, try SmartBook and don’t just work hard—work smart. Check out the super funny video below for more and check back next week for another dose of the Mcgraw-Hill SmartBook.

What do you think of  the SmartBook?
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April 14, 2014

MIXED EMOTIONS: College Seniors and Graduates Sound Off on graduation

From elementary to high school, there probably isn't one person who can't wait to graduate and move on to the next level. Leaving elementary to go to jr. high is bliss, leaving jr. high for high school means growing up a bit more and graduating high school to go to college signifies an all too familiar path to adulthood. Keeping all of those moments in mind, what happens when you realize that adulthood doesn't quite reach it's peak until your college graduation?

Graduating college can be frightening and fascinating all at the same time. Frightening because you're entering the "real world" and fascinating because you're about to embark on a new part of your journey. Some students are transitioning into full time job offers, most are heading to graduate school and many don't quite know what's next for them. That's probably one of the most intimidating but satisfying facts about lifeeveryone has a different path and that's okay! "Success is measured on your own terms. Success can be just getting a job or it can be getting the job that you always wanted. From experience I know that there's no straight path to the career of your dreams. We have to be willing to take a few detours, enjoy them and be confident in knowing that we'll end up exactly where we we're supposed to," explains Diamonde, a college graduate who is the founder of Pledge To Be Bella.

 So, yes, that person you know might have scored their dream job like 21-year-old senior Chloe who says: "A blessing in disguise is what I would call it and still to this day it's surreal. Having a job offer prior to graduating from college is success in itself. Now I feel as though my four years of undergraduate school have paid off. One thing is for sure, I'm very nervous to step into the "real world". I'm still so young, with so much life ahead of me. I'm anxious to see what's in store. Seeing that I can have a job in my major field prior to graduation, I know my fellow peers and colleagues can do the same. It would be enormous for us all to unite and do it as one. I plan to give back to my institution and community day in and day out—striving to reach every goal accomplishing huge success along the way. No it's not easy, but if one can put their mind to it, one can do it." 

Your classmate might have gotten accepted to the Teach For America program and your best friend might be off to a life changing paid internship in NYC, but, your path is your path and their path is well, theirs. It's not about where, when or how you start, it's about where you finish. Every single step, no matter how small means something. You'll figure it out. As a college student or high school student with evolving fears, hopes and dreams for your post grad life, there are a billion thoughts running through your head. However, you're not alone and you never will be. Guess what? your worries and optimisms fall in the pool of those before you and after you. Read on as college seniors and graduates with different journeys ahead of them sound off on graduation.

"As a senior in college (Clark Atlanta University), it all comes full circle. The drastic emotional swings that concerned me as a freshman, are the same emotions that have reemerged by my senior year. 'What is life like after this?', 'Who is going to allow me to make a difference in the world, given my background and experiences?'. In the end, I understand that God has everything in control, so I will continue to be active in my endeavors to (1) graduate, and (2) make a mark in the world." - Trevon Hughes

"Although graduating is a exciting and scary moment all in one, I am so proud of myself and everything that I have accomplished. Senior year is a relief but also a stepping stone in life. I am currently freelancing as a writer and social media manager. My career field is so broad and everlasting so I am excited to start." - Nia Testamark

"Being a college senior gives you the best and the worst of both world. While preparing to graduate, which is a stress factor in it's own, you're preparing to solidify your post-graduate plans." - Shakayla Houston

What do you think of the college graduation situation?

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From Her Eyes: Growth and Gratitude From Lindsay's Eyes

My appreciation for art started at the beginning of my life. I was born with mild cerebral palsy, and had many physical challenges. I was 2 months early, weighing 2 lbs 12 ounces. I've been a fighter, ever since. Every odd was set against me. I couldn't walk, I couldn't speak and I couldn't do much on my own without help. The doctors set a timeline for my life, told my mother, I'd never be ‘normal’ and that she should pretty much prepare for the worst. Let me be clear, my mother and I do not like being told what to do, so of course, she being the dynamic woman she is, raised me to live not by the limitations that people have set for me, but by the limitless possibilities that God has set up for me.
Despite having to go through speech, physical, and occupational therapy, I always found my grounding in art. There were many days where I felt misunderstood and alone, because no one around me experienced the same challenges as I. I found a way to communicate through my art, filling countless sketchbooks with images that came to my mind. As I aged, I matured both emotionally, as did my illustrations, as well as my fashion! My art became more detailed, I experimented with color and dimension. 
In a sense, my experimentation and growth with art, is a lot like my experimentation and growth with life. Being born with special needs put me in a category of ‘different,’ seemingly by myself. I didn't know anyone who was ‘different’ in the way I was, and everyone around me seemed ‘normal,’ mind you, I use these words loosely, because everyone is ‘different’ and no one is ‘normal.’ I was always very frustrated,  I wasn't sure why this was my path. I wasn't sure why I had all these challenges that other people didn't and I got angry. That anger, turned into drive, that drive created resilience and there was nothing that anyone was going to tell me I couldn't do!  
As I got older, I became more ‘normal,’  trying to ignore my differences and fit in as much as possible. I don’t mean fit in as doing what the ‘in crowd did,’ I mean, I overachieved and excelled so that people would forget that I was different. Let me just tell you, that didn't work out too well, Lindsay is Lindsay and there's no way around that.
Through my different struggles, different relationships, the good and the bad, I began a journey of trying to figure out who I was, embracing my differences and being proud of my story. The older I got, my skin got thicker and I became more confident in who I was and what I brought to the table. Because my story is so unique, I began to take pride in my struggles, embracing my trials, and trying to figure out how I could use this life that wasn't promised to me. 
Read more and keep up with Lindsay on 2ndandL.com

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April 8, 2014

Spring Time Hues - New Beginnings

When I think of spring, I think of allergies to be quite honest. However, if I think a bit deeper, new beginnings come to mind and I think that is so significant. People don't often realize that a new beginning can commence at any given moment and that choice is in your hands. Right now you can start over regarding anything, whether it be a new decision to take more chances, follow your dreams, leave your past behind, overcome a hardship or even a heartbreak.  A new beginning does not exactly mean forgetting your past but it does mean that you can acknowledge that your past does not have to determine where you are going 100%. The past consists of pieces to your life's puzzle and there is no set formula on your journey.

Wearing: Zara collared striped shirt, E.L.F lip pencil, Asos overalls and Asos slip-ons 

You can be as happy, successful and fearless as you want today even if you weren't that person yesterday. It's up to you to work towards it and fight for it. Though it is not an easy task, it is possible. More possible that you probably realize. New beginnings can come in the form of any and everything, as I previously stated, its up to you to determine your new beginning. I challenge you to start fresh in an area of your life or two. I challenge you to make this a healthy habit.  (I'd say three or four areas but you have to take your time!) 

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