January 9, 2012

Project 21: Day 2

 I have been getting load of requests to bring back Project 21, though I only did one day so far it has made an impact. By chance, I was able to pick the perfect person. A fashion blogger in which I've been following for over a year. What has always drawn me to his blogs were his outfits, needless to say they are daring, fashion forward and HIM. In a "copy-cat" generation, this is something that is rare. From his responses I felt a sense of all things genuine and a humble attitude. I figured it was time to get to know him better and allow others to get to know him as well. Christen Keith Mooney of Castle in the Snow.

Your style is very unique. How would describe it and what elements of life influence it ?

I think my style is pretty "all over the place" but very consistent. I kind of stick to the same thing. I have a tomboy aesthetic. I like to wear skinny jeans but with bright sneakers or wedges. It's kind of like a butch schoolgirl. With my life, I've moved so much and I don't care what people think or if they stare. I'm amazing and when they stare it just makes me know I'm staying true to myself, that's what I value

How do other's react to your attire ?
People who are into fashion react very well and even praise my style, which is great. Others including my dad also love it. I think people appreciate not just the outfit but the fearless element of it. The fact that I wear tights and shorts makes people feel as if I'm brave. However, I have gotten threats and negativity when it comes to my style. I don't allow that in my life, what so ever. 

Name three style essentials.
Black skinny jeans,Vintage band tees,A good shoe.

Why did you think it was necessary to revamp your blog and startover as a whole ?
Um, I was transitioning into a new life. Moving to New York City, starting a new job, new school and everything in my life was just NEW. I wanted a different platform to dedicate this new desire I had to showcase my style. Castle in the Snow  was just that.

Opening Ceremony is one of my favorite stores. They always seem to have the most fashion forward, talented interns and employees. What has your experience been like working there so far ?
It has been great! nothing negative. The atmosphere is very laid back but still makes enough impact to make you want to do a good job. I have amazing bosses who teach me things. Most internships treat you like a "bitch" or like a slave. At OC they really teach you and you learn a lot through them, not just business but life as well. It's a very friendly environment. 

Life is full of ups and downs. What do you do to keep yourself motivated and following your dreams ?
I have great friends and great parents. Since I do intern I'm not necessarily earning any money, but my parents do a great job supporting me financially and spiritually. My dad tells me he's proud of me almost every other day. This pushes me harder because I live to make him proud and my mom is a great women who makes me laugh. My friends are there every day all day whenever I need them. If I'm having a bad day they lift me up. Also, I have myself. I am my own bestfriend at times. I know I'm the only one who can push me to that next level, loving yourself is the first step.

January 7, 2012

Now Playing: Grande Marshall

When it comes to underground artists, I take my time. I like to see consistency and a real love for their craft. I listen to one song first and if I like it I dig deeper into their other projects. I've been listening to Grande Marshall for a little over two months ( much love to FRANK) and he's very talented to say the least. One thing I find admirable is the fact that he produces his music. It gives the songs bit more flair and passion because it was built by one artist, each component is coming from one individual so it comes together more collectively. Check out his music, you won't be disappointed. Here is his latest release E&J, my favorite so far.