Musings of Krav was created to help inspire and elevate women on their career journey’s. Our mission is to open the hearts and minds of women to follow their dreams and conquer their goals. This is achieved through compelling interviews with leading women in creative professions, career advice, internships andjobs. Inspiration, preparation and application. Since its inception, Musings of Krav has evolved into a community of young women who Dream in HD and support each other in their endeavors from inception, to completion, and beyond.




 Musings of Krav is a very personal website. Maricia created MOK in 2011, when she found there was a void in fashion-forward, engaging and professional but youthful content created by and for, career-driven young women. While interning and navigating the work realm in college, she realized that she needed a platform to inspire others in the midst of inspiring herself. This is when Musings of Krav came to fruition. The interviews on the site feature the many women who mentor Maricia (in real life and in her head) and inspire her to trust her unique journey. The advice features what Maricia wished more platforms wrote about, and the jobs and internships are all super covetable.

Maricia was born and raised in Queens, NYC and she's a multidimensional fashion and journalism professional. Currently, Josephs is the PR Coordinator at fashion showroom and consultancy, Mega Mega Projects. Throughout her still-fresh career, Maricia has interned, written and worked with numerous companies such as MOSCHINO/Jeremy Scott, NYLON Magazine, ASOS and Teen Vogue.

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And if you're wondering where "Krav" came from, it was Maricia's nickname in high school as a result of her deep-rooted love for Lenny Kravitz.