Work beauty can be precarious to master, despite where you spend 9am-5pm. Some industries allow you to daringly mix it up, while others favor a plain beauty approach. Yahoo! Beauty Editor, Expert and Content Creator, Jacqueline Yates dished on makeup in the workplace and beauty hacks. Plus, she graciously shared her top skincare and makeup products.


What has been your experience with makeup and the workplace as a woman of color?

Luckily, for most of my adult career, I’ve worked in beauty so I can get really experimental with my makeup choices – especially when I’m testing new products out for stories. I began my career at Essence Magazine where other woman of color would be inspired by anything I was trying out at the moment. Now, as the Beauty Editor at Yahoo, people almost can always count on me to be trying something new. One day I walked in with eyeliner dots under each eye, and just last week I stepped into the office and rocked a streak of lilac hair. Whether it’s makeup or hair, my look is always changing. I believe it inspires other woman of color in the workplace to try new trends or perhaps a look they have been curious about.

What are some of your favorite makeup trends right now, and how have you made them work-friendly?

I’ve been mesmerized by all the whimsical holographic makeup that has been hitting the scene. It’s like we have taken the unicorn craze to a whole new level and made it absolutely fun to wear in real life. I also absolutely love the eye dots as mentioned earlier. It gives a cool new take on what you can do with eyeliner. Speaking of eyes, makeup artist, Katie Jane Hughes, has made me fall head over heels for a good glossy eyelid. It’s so pretty when done right! Again, I do work in beauty so there’s not really anything that would be considered “not work-friendly.” However, I would suggest for anyone who is struggling to make any of these trends work-friendly by toning down the intensity of each. For example, instead of going all out with a holographic lip color, maybe try softly lining your eyes with a holographic themed eyeliner instead. This way, you still have a hint of the trend incorporated into your look, but it’s not so pronounced that it would be considered not work-friendly.

That also begs the question; Is “work-friendly” makeup a thing? Or do you believe it depends on the industry you work in?

It all really depends on what industry you work in. Whatever it is, you should always aim to somehow incorporate a slice of what makes you feel great and will help to boost your self-confidence. As cliché as it sounds, it is true in most cases that when you look your best, you feel your best and that will push you even further to do great work. Work-friendly makeup can certainly be a thing depending on what type of job you have. I personally wouldn’t wear something like a lime green lipstick on any job interview, because everybody has personal preferences on what they view as appropriate and you wouldn’t want that to unfortunately distract how people view you as a professional. You kind of just have to use your best judgment, it’s tricky!  

What are some beauty hacks for girls on a budget?

One beauty hack for girls on a budget would be first to really step your D-I-Y skills up. There are so many YouTube videos where Vloggers demonstrate how to make everything from body scrubs and natural hair treatments to makeshift lipsticks and concealers. Another hack is to sign up for a subscription beauty box such as Birchbox or CurlBox. This way, you can try out products before you buy them to make sure you are actually getting the best products to fit your needs. The final hack would be to find ways to make your products last longer. If you love high-end quality products, that’s fine, but make sure you are only using what you need and not using things excessively. There are also skincare products that you can always pop in the refrigerator too to extend the life of them. Also, if you can’t afford a particular product, do your research and find out if there is a high-performing dupe that’s equally as great. There is almost always a more affordable version of most of the beauty products on the market right now.

And I love that you’ve developed a career as a beauty expert, writer and content creator, what’s your advice for those who want to take a career path similar to yours?

My biggest advice would be to do the appropriate research and never get too comfortable. Always be curious about all things beauty. It’s a fascinating industry that’s always changing so no matter how long you have been wearing MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo, trust and believe, there are a whole slew of reds high and low end that you should also know about. Find those people who are doing similar things that you want to do. Don’t just ask to have coffee, and sit there and stare at them waiting for them to run down their resume. Figure out ways to assist, shadow or somehow collaborate with them. Know every market, know the people in those markets and if given a chance to work in the beauty industry never view any task as too small or too big. Reputation is absolutely everything, and it will follow you. Be the absolute best you can be no matter what position you are in! Your tenacity, hard work and enthusiasm are what will always carry you through. 


Flirt Dot Dot Dot Dual Eyeliner – "This eyeliner is kind of pretty game-changing if you ask me. One side allows you to create a sleek winged eye look while the other allows you to have fun and get in on the latest eyeliner trend (the one I keep mentioning, haha). It comes in either black or brown, and can be easily stashed in your makeup bag or even your pocket, if it’s that deep."

Estée Lauder Daywear Oil-Control Anti-Oxidant Moisture Gel Crème – "As much as I love when people say, “you have a beautiful glow!” Sometimes, I think they really are trying to pleasantly say, “girl, you are super greasy.” Here nor there, this crème helps to keep my oily skin a bit more balanced and the lightweight texture doesn’t clash with any foundation or concealer I put on after. "

Glossier Haloscope Highlighter – "I have to say, I think Glossier is just one of those beauty brands that completely gets my life. While I absolutely love to occasionally get a little crazy with my makeup looks, on a day-to-day basis, I usually just need no-frills cosmetics that I can easily add into my (usually rushed) routine. This highlighter glides on easily, and gives off a subtle sheen as well as very soft hints of shimmer. It’s just right . . . the face perfect pick-me-up."

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Paints  "These new lippies are really There are so many cool colors I still need to try, but I recently got a few nice compliments when I tried on the Lilac Lust shade. There’s lots of color payoff, the pigments are rich and luscious. I also admire how the design of the brush allows you to precisely paint your pout with little to no smudge. "

Nubian Heritage Black – "Whenever my skin starts acting out of line, I immediately break out this black soap. The soothing mix of ingredients helps to clear up acne flare-ups rather quickly. The best part: it’s only $5! Win."


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