If you love or work in fashion, it's common knowledge that in your eyes, editors, stylists, creative directors, writers and the like, are celebrities. They have occupations you admire, influential style and they travel all over the world to sit in on some of the most iconic fashion presentations and shows. But more notably, they work extremely hard to create the fashion editorials, looks, ads, videos and content we interact with and obsess over. These are our favorite women to follow at the moment, and you should undoubtedly be following them too.



Jan-Micheal Quammie has become a street style star this past fashion month. There hasn't been a street style roundup without her and for good reason, her style turns heads. Quammie is currently the Style Director at Instyle Germany and her resume boasts companies like Saks Fifth Avenue and My Theresa, plus she was a buyer in China. Fashion Nomad.


Wardrobe dresser Krystle Rodriguez is someone our ever-creative generation would describe as ‘#goals.’ Hashtag included. The Bronx, New York native uses today’s most iconic artists and their crews as her canvases. And by iconic artists, we mean Madonna, Usher, Pink, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift and most recently, Pharrell, Kanye West and Mariah Carey. Check out our interview with her, here.


Shiona Turini is a favorite among fashion enthusiasts all over. Her Girl Boss demeanor, tenacious work ethic, punchy Instagram captions, insane style and extensive resume (YSL, Teen Vogue, W Magazine, Tom Ford, Cosmo) are all ingredients for the formula of a fashion idol. She is currently a Contributing Editor at The Cut, a Creative Consultant, Freelance Fashion Editor and Stylist. Her clients including Solange, Beyonce, Dior, BET, Amazon Fashion and Salvatore Ferragamo. Swoon.


At just 24-years-old, Gilda Ambrosio is a designer, stylist, fashion consultant and an influencer who has caught the eye of designers and brands worldwide. The italian street style star recently launched her fashion line The Attico, an ode to the eccentric, twisted and ruleless. A true millennial multi-hyphenate if we've ever seen one.


Julia Sarr-Jamois is the Senior Fashion Editor at i-D. Her rebellious yet polished style never changes and neither does her signature fro. At 23, she became the editor for Wonderland Magazine and since then, she has left her footprints on both the fashion industry and our hearts.


From Vogue to NYLON to Glamour, Rachael Wang has curated and styled some of the most striking editorials. Currently making her mark at Allure as Fashion Director, Wang has brought a new sense of life and style to the pages of the magazine. Her personal style is mimic worthy as she fuses minimalist and maximalist elements.

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