How many times have you seen someone else doing great things and looked at what you've done and put yourself down? How many times have you compared your journey to someone else’s and thought of what you could be doing wrong? No matter how many times you've done it, it’s safe to say you've at least done it once. Don’t feel too bad, it’s natural, however you might want to consider getting to the root of it.

As you navigate through the world, one thing you must realize is that you, your life and every twist your path takes is unique. The time it takes for you to get where you want, in any instance, will never be parallel with the time it takes for another individual to get where they want. Why? It’s simple. You learn and evolve differently than others, not to mention their purpose is not the same as yours. It’s impossible to correlate two life journeys, even if your dream is the same as another's. If there was a foolproof formula to achieving goals and dreams, there would be nothing special about accomplishing anything. The best part of success is the steady building up of reaching your golden moments.

Comparing takes away from the beauty of the process. It belittles all of the amazing and distinct moments that occur to push you towards your destiny. Find joy in all that you go through, no matter how slow it happens or how difficult it is. Anything great another individual achieves, should only inspire you to be all that you can be and more. It should give you a vision of what could come about in your future if you continue to work hard and wholeheartedly. Another soul winning does not mean you have lost in any way. Allow it to push you. Dig deeper inside of yourself and see how you can impress yourself. If you find yourself really down, remember why you started and be mindful of what you've been consuming. The people you follow on social media and your surroundings can negatively effect you. It may be time to make adjustments in those realms.

The great thing about life is that any given moment could be yours, and that dream could come true in an hour, a day or a year. Keep your eyes on your path and stay focused on your goals, so when your moment comes–because it will–you’ll be ready with an open heart and mind. Embrace all that is you!

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