Women in suits date quite far back, so as you might gather, it’s hardly a new concept. Sarah Bernhardt caused an uproar in Paris when she wore her custom-made pantsuit in the 1800s, Coco Chanel designed her first suit in 1914, and many years later, Janelle Monae became known for her wondrous collection, worn everywhere from red carpets to the stages in which she performed. In fact, they were a central part of her brand. That begs the question; why aren’t more young women adding suits to their wardrobes? And, no the unflattering black suit tucked away in your closet, collecting an excessive amount of dust, waiting for a job interview, does not count. No offense. Suits can work for anyone, any day of the week–no job interview or major event needed. Now more than ever, brands are adding two-pieces to their collections in an exceptionally wide range of prints, colors, cuts and styles.

There is an air of intimidation that can cloud your judgement while in search of a suit, but it’s really as easy as throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I know, you think it's insane, but keep reading. Owning a suit, or multiple, is beneficial in more ways than you realize. They’re easy to dress up and down. It's also relatively simple to create a wide range of looks around them, because you can either wear the pieces together, or separately. For those interning and on a budget, this concept is a dream. Sometimes seeing is believing, so see below for slick ways to wear a suit­–to your internship, brunch and beyond.

If you're not convinced, here I (Krav) am in two of my favorite suits! I wear suits any and everywhere.

Shop some of my current favorite suits: here, here, here and here

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