The introduction of Vine and video on instagram brought a heaving amount of social media comedians. However, Quinta Brunson is much more than that. Let's just say she's a comical pit-bull in a pint sized frame. If you have an Instagram account, there is a good chance you've come across this clever Philly native after watching a gut wrenchingly humorous short of her series titled, "The girl who's never been on a nice date."

Since it has gone viral, it's practically inevitable. If that doesn't resonate with you, think the movies, a large popcorn and  "He got moneyyyyyyy." Brunson, who attended Temple University and describes herself as a Proud Owl, continues to progressively make her mark in the entertainment world, one video at a time. It must be noted that the eloquent LA resident is just being herself. It's crystal clear that she is acting but it's also obvious that this gift is a natural piece of her character. I caught up with her to learn more about her life, natural hair journey and upcoming videos. Update: Quinta has grown so much! She went from 2000+ followers 710k. Woah! She's also a producer at Buzzfeed and has been featured in some major publications.  


You've recently gone viral. So not only are you gaining thousands of followers by the hour, but, everyone is sharing your videos. Did you expect this response?

I must say that I didn't, but I'm very comforted by the fact that the videos have gone viral. They are relatable, which gave many the opportunity and fun of liking and sharing it.

One of the many reasons why your videos are funny is because of their comedic uniqueness. How did you come up with the "The girl who's never been on a nice date" skit? 

I performed the character on stage at The Comedy Store. The audience was tough (think Apollo), large and new to sketch.  I was performing with the only sketch team on a Stand-Up night. However, my completely improvised character—killed! People loved it, and I did, too. I then performed the character for a good friend of mine, Dj Damage and he was so impressed he felt I should record it and post it on Social Media. 

Is your goal to be a well rounded actress? or would you say comedy is your forte? 

I love Comedy. I have loved it since I was born. I'm obsessive. I believe comedy holds the key to what makes many modern dramas tick. I'd love to try other things and plan to, but my heart will be with comedy, always.

Acting is very personal, as it forces the actor to go to a place outside of themselves. What does the art mean to you?

Oh man, this is a good one. the art is euphoric. It's very difficult to act out a character you don't know well. When you get a role or create a character, it forces you to look inside of yourself and find your relation to that character. For me, acting has so much to do with self-exploration. It also opens your mind to being truly understanding of others. 

Who are some actors that continue to influence you on your journey?

Currently, I'm into Andy Kauffman.

Your videos provide us with 15 seconds of hilarity. Do you plan on introducing longer videos any time soon?

For Sure! 15 seconds is so fun, though. Such a challenge.

I've also noticed you're rocking your natural tresses. What is your go-to hair product?

 I'm not very good with products, honestly. Go find some old photos of me from college. I've been wearing my hair like this for some time now. I will often wet and bantu knot my hair with some oil. Every now and then I'll use a natural mousse. I'm a big fan of Bantu Knots though. They are the shizz mcgrizz.

What has your natural hair journey been like?

Since about 16 years old, the natural look was my go-to in between hairstyles. I've always been pretty clutch at it. I don't get my hair styled as often as I used to, so I've gotten really accustomed to braids—they're quick and cute. My journey stands there. I won't front, the natural hair in accordance with my line of work has helped me gain quite the, "I am me." attitude. So that's very cool.

As a Philly native who currently resides in LA, do you think there are many differences between each place? What are some of your favorite things about each state?

 My favorite thing about Los Angeles is what a serious melting pot it is. Everything is melting here—blacks, whites, the rich, the poor, the educated, the uneducated. LA hosts the widest range of human beings I've ever seen. It makes for good writing. I think Los Angeles and Philadelphia share that diversity factor. Philly's way of diversifying is much more warm to me. Perhaps, it is because it's home. Regardless, Philly is a very proud, innately beautiful city. My favorite thing would be a tie between the beautiful history of my town and the current emerging underground arts scene.

You're following your dreams and living them day by day. How do you stay motivated and productive on what can be a quite unpredictable journey?

I stay motivated with the help of good friends, good family and an uncanny amount of comedic television. I also like to read the stories of other entrepreneurs and entertainers because their stories help me to feel like I'm not alone. Staying productive can be a challenge, but recently all I can think about is creating a new idea. I feel like a kid again; it's wonderful. That productive attitude arrived by a means of dedication and being consistent.

What can we expect from Quinta B. this year?

More characters, more thank you's and bigger moves.

 Don't forget to follow her on Instagram to view her hilarious series! If you don't have an Instagram, check out her Youtube Channel.