Christine Nicholson is smoothly paving her own way to excellence. At 25, she is not only influential but also empowering and ambitious in her career, style and everyday life. Nicholson is one who accedes that seeing more and more African Americans working and being acknowledged in the fashion industry, has greatly impacted her life. It shows copiously.

Since 2010, Nicholson has been putting her gifts to use with companies such as NYLON Magazine, Jones Magazine and Rent the Runway but that's not all. Currently making her mark as a Teen Vogue fashion assistant, the Brooklyn born babe is zeal in human form. It is not to be forgotten that in addition to the aforementioned, she's a stylist and fashion blogger. Her elegant sense of style with a modish twist will have you scrambling in your closet to recreate her ensembles. Christine took a moment to speak with me about the workplace, goals and must visit places in NYC. Update: Christine is now the PR assistant at Moschino. 

Krav: People tend to not take fashion as serious as other careers, although it is a very significant part of our everyday lives. Why do you think that is? 

Christine: I think many people only get to see the glamorous side of fashion. Things like runway shows, parties, beautiful clothes and etc. But, those things are the result of extremely hard working and dedicated individuals who work around the clock to ensure that the industry continues to run effectively and that the end products are desirable and impact society. 

Inspiration wise, who are some uncommon people that influence you and why?

I am inspired by many people and many things but right now I'm inspired by anyone living truth. My inspirations also come from things I see on a daily basis: new places, people and things.

Take us through a day of working at Teen Vogue. What’s it like for you?

Working at Teen Vogue has been pretty exciting, no two days are alike, one day we could be putting in extra hours to prep for a shoot or celebrating a birthday. Everything moves pretty quickly. I'm based in the fashion closet which is where a lot of the action happens. My day starts at 9am and can end as late as 8pm. As a fashion assistant, I'm responsible for making sure every piece of clothing you see in the magazine is fully accounted for. I also assist editors and stylists with any task they may need help with, whether it be running to set to drop off clothing or filling in at a fashion show.  

How has working with a notable magazine force like Teen Vogue helped you as a professional?

Working at Teen Vogue has definitely helped me to understand the dynamics of the publishing industry and everything that goes into creating a magazine.  

We all have a style story. How has your personal style developed for the better overtime?

My style has developed over time more so with age. I used to shop a lot and I would buy things just because, it was always a spur of the moment. Now that I've grown up a bit, I still have my ‘gotta have it’ pieces but I'm more focused on buying practical things that I need and can wear multiple times. Quality is also very important to me.

At one point, one of my favorite new designers was Azede Jean-Pierre. Who are some of your favorite new designers? 

Ditto! love Azede. Currently I'm loving NYC based designer Sandy Liang.

Professionally, what is your long term goal?

My goal is to stay in publishing, either print or digital and work as both a stylist and fashion editor. 

For those who are on the path to working and growing in their careers, what's your advice on how to stay motivated? 

Always remember who you are and why you started in the first place. Never be afraid to take a step back from following your dreams to simply live in the moment and be inspired by things not associated with your desired goals. It took me a while to take myself seriously, so my biggest advice would be to take yourself seriously from the beginning and never be afraid to show people what you can do, own it.


In life, sometimes we tend to compare or look at what others are accomplishing. How important has it been to you to embrace your journey wholeheartedly?

I've learned to focus on me and not in a selfish way, but in an exploratory way. Your 20's should be about really finding your groove, so why waste time worrying about someone else's? I strongly believe that what is meant for me will be, so I congratulate and support my peers in their times of triumph and success. You never know what other people do or go through to get to where they are in life so never compare yourself. 

You live in NY. What is the #1 rule to abide by as a New Yorker?

As a Brooklyn bred and raised individual, I say walk fast, stay to true to yourself, be patient and have fun, this city is certainly not for the faint of heart. 

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