Racked is Vox Media’s shopping expert, exploring why and how we shop for the things we put on our bodies. From investigative features on your favorite brands to maps of the best shopping in the cities you’ll visit this summer, they want Racked to be the ultimate shopping authority for real people with real budgets and real questions about how and why we decide to buy the things we do. 

They are seeking a Visuals Editor & Producer to establish an authoritative and aspirational aesthetic across all of Racked’s stories, on all of Racked’s platforms. From conceptualizing features to designing video templates, this person will be responsible for defining, executing, and elevating the brand’s visual storytelling. 


  • A visual thinker who can determine how to tell a Racked story with photography, with graphics, with video, and in real life
  • A patient and willing collaborator who is excited to work with editors across various platforms
  • Passionate about experimentation and curiosity with regards to new mediums
  • A strategic thinker who understands the importance of user experience in storytelling design
  • Anxious to get their hands dirty
  • Brimming with ideas about how to empower shoppers with better visual storytelling


  • Conceptualize, create, and execute Racked’s visual storytelling across various mediums and platforms
  • Create the process and definition for Racked visual storytelling
  • Collaborate with Vox Media’s design team to set the visual identity for the brand
  • Hire and manage a creative team including a graphic designer and photo editor
  • Work closely with Racked’s video team to empower them to do great visual work


Send in Your resume, a document briefly stating your vision for Racked’s visual storytelling, including any relevant imagery/branding and at least three examples of your work that might provide insight into your aesthetic.


Maricia Josephs