The Style Club (TSC) needs your help with design, styling, and social media. We are looking for interns who will work with Style Club executives to help shape new designs and create and manage social media campaigns in NYC..

Applicant must be a self-starter. Must be willing to take the initiative, thrive in ambiguity, and not be afraid of failure. We are looking for individuals who have a flare for fashion and style and want to grow in the industry.


  • Working with designers to help create new concepts for products and clothing campaigns
  • Creating and maintaining social media content and campaigns while growing follower base
  • Styling shoots and other fun fashion miscellaneous things.

Commitment: Flexible. It’s all about quality. We don’t care about how long you work, as long as you deliver results. We will establish clear goals before starting the internship. Interns will be evaluated on the quality of their work, their ability to work independently, and their ability to create value through their own ideas. We are not interested in how well you follow orders, we are interested in what you create!

Unpaid unfortunately, but, TSC is experiencing rapid growth and we expect qualified interns to turn into full-time employees!



Maricia Josephs