W Magazine is completely blowing up its digital strategy.

Why work at W?

W is an escape from the ordinary, a place where outsized dreams and unprecedented access inspire, surprise and delight. Unbound by convention, W is an industry leader creating groundbreaking and award-winning stories about Fashion, Film and Art. 

  • W is one of the most innovative and creative storytellers in the world

  • Unconventional in everything we do – from our work style to our content philosophies

  • We maintain a structure where the best ideas win instead of seniority

  • Join the world-class organization of Conde Nast and contribute to the development of the future of the media industry

The Social Media Manager is a crucial role here at W. As we continue to grow across all of the many social platforms, so has our need to manage and engage the many disparate audiences they have garnered. This role will work directly under the Social Media Editor and in conjunction with our Web Producer to handle the everyday responsibilities of a digital brand’s social presence. At W, we value our presence on social media platforms in exactly the same way we do our website audience. We believe that creating unique and special stories that play out over social media exclusively is vital to our ability to engage with the many different groups we communicate with. This role will require a strong curiosity in the happenings of the cultural landscape as well as within the social media space. Candidates must be able to pair taste with quantitative findings to make decisions on everything from copy and voice to types of collaborators and new social platforms. Additionally, experience with creating social stories beyond the written word is a welcome plus as we are growing our video and motion experiences across Snapchat/Instagram Stories and Facebook Live. 


  • Collaborating with the Social Media Manager and Director of Digital Content Development on growth strategies for our social accounts
  • Assisting the Social Media Editor to manage social media accounts including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter
  • Handling all production duties involved with social content – e.g. communication and outreach to talent for collaboration opportunities, invoicing of any social talent, sourcing and research on new social media programs
  • Minimum 1 year experience working for a media company or brand in digital required
  • The role is encouraged to also bring new ideas to the table and push the brand’s boundaries in every way possible


Maricia Josephs